Thermal Image Services

Thermal imaging cameras give us the power to see problems in a way no other technology can, and allow us to inspect, buildings, equipment or electrical installations quickly and accurately with no disruptions, mess or damage. This all can be done at a safe distance helping us find impending trouble before it injures someone or causes any loss of earnings in your business.

A thermal image will display information that is not visible with the naked eye, this helps us to predict upcoming problems with equipment and leaks before they make a visible mark and damage. Below is an example of missing insulation and underfloor heating.

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Building Surveys

Using thermal cameras on the external skin of a building can highlight issues such as missing or damp cavity wall insulation, missing dormer insulation, cracks in the building material, areas of heat loss and water ingress on flat roofs, among many more.

building survey


Home Surveys

Building analysis is carried out to evaluate to integrity of a building, this can highlight a number of issues for example: leaks, water intrusion, mildew risk areas, air leakage, missing insulation, underfloor heating faults, sources of drafts and piping routes etc.

home survey


Electrical Surveys

Find hidden problems quickly and without disrupting workflow to your business, this is an efficient and safe way of finding issues such as overloads, loose connections, corrosion, failing equipment and fixtures such as light fittings, especially ones at high level.

electrical survey


Mechanical Surveys

Discover overheating motors, bearings, linkages and other equipment before they fail, this will allow you to carry out maintenance at your convenience.

mechanical survey