Electrical Testing, Inspections And Certification

Do you require certification for your insurance or to comply with The Electricity at Work act? EDC can provide you with a cost effective and professional service

At EDC, we specialise in all forms of electrical Inspection and Testing in commercial premises, landlords electrical testing, schools, residential homes, hotels and domestic properties. We provide our clients with a electrical instillation condition report (EICR) which will be registered with the NIC EIC, this will record the status and condition of your electrical installation, along with recommendations for remedial works. We inspect, test and analyse all aspects of an electrical installation for critical compliance with BS7671 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations.

Electrical Inspections Using Thermal Imaging

An electrical thermal imaging survey involves recording thermal images of electrical distribution equipment including fuse boards, distribution boards, circuit breakers, switchboards, control panels etc.

The inspection is non-intrusive so there will be no disruption to your premises or business, after carefully analyzing the images on our FLIR software we can identify any areas where the insulation of wiring has degraded through
heat, age or damage. Thermal imaging devices can accurately read the infrared energy emitted by an object and create a visible image of the object’s surface temperature. Over-heating, hot or loose connectors show up intensely on these thermal pictures, especially in comparison to cooler, tight connections. A report is generated to record all data and installations we have inspected.

It is becoming more popular with Insurance companies to require their clients to have a thermalogical report on commercial buildings as a preventative tool, highlighting any faults that are present or may arise in the future.